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Samsung Unlock Tool V2.0

Free Samsung Unlock Tool 2023 v2.0 Gorontalo Android Utility by Gorontalo Technician Association is used to unlock Samsung  devices. Compatibility Win 10/11 , Supported Features : Scan Port, Enable ADB, Reset FRP (Method 1), Reset FRP (Method 2), Factory Reset - 1, Factory Reset - 2, Open Browser, USB Manager, Device manager, Driver MediaTek, Driver Samsung, UsbDk_64bit, LibUSB_Win32, QLoader 9008

MTK Supported devices:
Samsung SM-A115F
Samsung SM-A115M
Samsung SM-A115U1
Samsung SM-M115F
Samsung SM-A705F
Samsung SM-A015A
Samsung SM-A015AZ
Samsung SM-A015F
Samsung SM-A015G
Samsung SM-A015M
Samsung SM-A015T
Samsung SM-A015T1
Samsung SM-A015U
Samsung SM-A015U1
Samsung SM-A015V
Samsung SM-A025F
Samsung SM-A025G
Samsung SM-A025M

MediaTek Supported Devices Process:
BOOT 1 : Turn off your device, Press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously, then connect the USB cable. BOOT 2 : Open the device's back cover., Find the TestPoint position and connect it, then plug in the USB cable.

QLM Supported devices:
Samsung SM-A103F
Samsung SM-A013G
Samsung SM-A022F
Samsung SM-A037M
Samsung SM-A107F
Samsung SM-A107M
Samsung SM-A125F
Samsung SM-A136W
Samsung SM-A136U
Samsung SM-A215U
Samsung SM-A225F
Samsung SM-A226G
Samsung SM-A315F
Samsung SM-A315G
Samsung SM-A325F
Samsung SM-A325M
Samsung SM-A325B
Samsung SM-A415F
Samsung SM-M017F
Samsung SM-M013F
Samsung SM-M022F
Samsung SM-M225F
Samsung SM-M325F
Samsung SM-E225F
Samsung SM-E426B
Samsung TAB 7
Samsung Non Qwerty

Qualcomm Supported Devices Process:
BOOT MODE : Open the device's back cover.
Find the Test Point position and connect it, then plug in the USB cable.

Note : disable antivir or add exclusions
TRY At Your Own Risk (silahkan dicoba, resiko tanggung sendiri)
Download SUT 2023 v2.0 : Mega / Mirror / MediaFire / AndroidFileHost