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FREE DOWNLOAD TF Super Android Tool Beta MediaTek and Qualcomm by Techno Fayez

Universal unlocktool for Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset TF Super Android Tool by Techno Fayez with driver installer on your Android device. This feature ensures smooth communication between your device and the PC, features including :
– Disable Driver Sign: Allows you to disable driver signatures for easier installation of unofficial
– Make PC Faster: Optimizes your computer’s performance to ensure smooth operation.
– Refresh All Drive: Refreshes all drives to enhance your PC’s performance.

TF Super Android Tool Android Tab
– ADB: Android Debug Bridge for debugging and communicating with your device.
– Fastboot: Supports all brands for reading device information and more.
– Sideload: Mi assistant for installing updates and apps.
– Huawei FRP Remove by Key: A feature for bypassing Factory Reset Protection on Huawei devices.
– Change Slot A/B: Allows you to switch between active partitions on your device.
– DM-Verity Fix: Helps in fixing DM-Verity verification errors.

Mtk Tab offers a range of features for MediaTek devices. Note that you must install the Usbdk driver from the Utility Helper Tool to use these features:
– Factory Reset: Resets your device to its factory settings.
– FRP Remove: Bypasses Factory Reset Protection.
– Read Write Full Dump: Allows you to read and write full dumps of your device’s data.
– Read Preloader: Reads the preloader of your device.
– Enter Brom: Allows you to enter the Boot ROM of your device.
– Auth Bypass: Bypasses the authentication process.

QC Tab provides a range of features for Qualcomm devices:
– EDL Flash: Allows you to flash your device in Emergency Download Mode.
– Fastboot Flash: Allows you to flash your device in Fastboot mode.
– Service (Universal): Provides universal device services.

Samsung Tab of features specifically designed for Samsung devices:
– MTP FRP Remove (*#0*#): Bypasses Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices.
– MDM Bypass: Bypasses Mobile Device Management on Samsung devices.
– Browser Open: Opens the browser on your Samsung device.
– Read Info: Reads device information.
– Enter Download Mode: Allows you to enter the Download Mode on your Samsung device.
– Exynos FRP Remove by Download Mode: Bypasses Factory Reset Protection on Exynos devices in Download Mode.
– Qualcomm FRP Remove by Download Mode: Bypasses Factory Reset Protection on Qualcomm devices in Download Mode.
– Fix Baseband by Download Mode: Fixes baseband issues on your Samsung device in Download Mode.

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