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Download Moreen Tool V1.0 Command Prompt Simple Interface Repair Application

Free for all users CMD ADB GSMToolKit Read Reboot Unlock Diag Direct Tool Command Prompt Simple Interface Repair Application Moreen Tool by Eng Mena Wagih, QUALCOMM,Mediatek,
Unisoc Chipset added feature Option Supported Brands: Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei and other

Read all information
[1] read info (adb)
[2] Huawei info (fastboot)
[3] xiaomi info (fastboot)
[4] vivo info (fastboot)
[5] htc  info (fastboot)
[6] Fix adb connection problem

All Reboot Operations
[7] reboot to recovery mode (adb)      
[8] reboot to download mode (adb)
[9] reboot to fastboot mode (adb)
[10] reboot to edl (fastboot) BL un
[11] reboot to fastboot (fastboot)
[12] reboot to normal (fastboot)
[13] reboot to normal (adb)
[14] reboot to off mode (adb)

Unlock + Diag Fastboot ADB 
[15] Unlock Bootloader (fastboot)
[16] Relock Bootloader (fastboot)      
[17] Flash the selected files (fb)
[18] enable Diag with root  (adb)
[19] enable Diag without root (adb)
[20] Exit Diag Mode to MTP  (adb)

Other operations supported
[21] Install selected “apk” (adb)
[22] Go to the home screen (adb)
[23] format method 1 (fastboot)
[24] format method 2 (fastboot)
[25] Reset frp old devices (fastboot)
[26] Reset frp samsung (adb)
[27] Reset efs xiaomi QCOM (fastboot) bl un
[28] Reset efs xiaomi QCOM (TWRP)
[29] Reset efs xiaomi MTK (fastboot) bl un
[30] Anti relock mi account (adb)
[31] Go to the profile of the eng Mena Wagih
[32] Reset frp Other Brands / MTK /SPD (adb)

TRY At Your Own Risk (silahkan dicoba, resiko tanggung sendiri)
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