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UAT PRO V134.02 Update

You can even Renew your old expired account also with any of the above plan Uni-Android Tool - UAT PRO Version 134.02 Release Notes Added Following Models :
Fixed and Improved : Qualcomm Huawei Board Firmware Flasher
Fixed and Improved : Huawei Hisilicon COM 1.0 Flasher
Samsung SM-A025G (Samsung Galaxy A02S)
Fixed and Improved : Samsung Flasher
Motorola XT1900 (Moto X4)
Alcatel 5080X (Shine Lite)
Alcatel 5080Q (Shine Lite)
Alcatel 5080A (Shine Lite)
Vivo iQoo Neo 3 5g (PD1981)
Vivo iQoo Pro 5G (PD1916)
Vivo V20 2021 (PD2067F)
Vivo Y51 2020 (PD2044F)
Vivo V20 SE (PD2038F)
Vivo S7 5G (PD2020)

Qualcomm Huawei TP
Huawei ARE-AL00
Huawei ARS
Huawei ATH-UL06
Huawei ATU-L11
Huawei BKK-AL10
Huawei BLA-L09
Huawei BND-AL00
Huawei CAZ-TL10
Huawei DIG-L21
Huawei DLI-L22
Huawei DUB-LX1
Huawei G7-L01
Huawei G620S-L01
Huawei G630-U10
Huawei KIW-L21
Huawei LDN-L21
Huawei LND-AL30
Huawei MLA-LU00
Huawei PLK-L01
Huawei POT
Huawei RIO-L02
Huawei SCL-L01
Huawei SLA-L22
Huawei TRT-LX1
Huawei Y560-L01
Huawei Y625-U21
Huawei Y635-L01

Added Hisilicon TP
Huawei AGS2-L09
Huawei ALE-L21
Huawei AMN-LX9
Huawei ANE-LX1
Huawei BLN-L21
Huawei BMH-AN10
Huawei CAM-AL00
Huawei CHM-U01
Huawei CLT-AL00
Huawei EBG-AN00
Huawei ELE-L29
Huawei ELS
Huawei EML-L09
Huawei EVA-L19
Huawei FIG-LX1
Huawei FRD-AL00
Huawei G6-L11
Huawei G620-A2
Huawei GRA-UL00
Huawei H60-L04
Huawei HLK
Huawei HMA-L29
Huawei HRY
Huawei JAT-LX3
Huawei KNT-AL10
Huawei KOB2-L09
Huawei KSA-LX9
Huawei LLD-AL00
Huawei LON-L29
Huawei MAR
Huawei MHA-L29
Huawei MRD-LX1
Huawei NEM-AL10
Huawei NXT-L29
Huawei PRA-AL00
Huawei RNE-L21
Huawei SNE-LX1
Huawei STF-AL00
Huawei VIE-AL10
Huawei VKY-L29
Huawei VNS-L21
Huawei VOG
Huawei VTR-AL00
Huawei Y530-U00
Huawei YAL
Download Setup UAT PRO 134.02 : MediaFire / AndroidFileHost

Uni-Android Tool - UAT PRO Version : 134.01 Release Notes OPPO Qualcomm
Realme 6 Pro (RMX2061)​
Realme 6 Pro (RMX2063)​
Realme 7 Pro (RMX2170)​
Realme 8 Pro (RMX3081)​
Reno 4 (CPH2113)​
Reno 5 (CPH2159)​
Reno 6 (CPH2235)​

SAMSUNG SM-M015F (Samsung Galaxy M01)​
ADDED -​ Read firmware details on firmware selection for flashing​

Fixed some errors & bugs​
Download Setup UAT PRO 134.01 : MediaFire / AndroidFileHost

Uni-Android Tool UAT PRO Version 133.02 Auto Update [18-10-2021] Release Notes :
Samsung Added - Read Info. in Download Mode, Fixed bug from previous version 
for the following functions and Models
1. Remove MDM
2. Remove Please Call me
3. Remove PayJoy
4. Fix E: failed to mount
5. Remove rent a Center

SM-A105F U
SM-A105F U2
SM-A105F U3
SM-A505F U5
SM-A505FM U5
SM-A505FN U5
SM-G960F UC-U12
SM-G960FD UC-U12
SM-G960X UC-U12
SM-G960XC U5
SM-G960XC U6
SM-G965F UC-U12
SM-G965FD UC-U12
SM-G965X UC-U12
SM-G970FD U8
SM-G970FD U9
SM-G970X U8
SM-G970X U9
SM-G973X U9
SM-G975FD U8
SM-G975FD U9
SM-G975X U8
SM-G975X U9
SM-G9600 U4
SM-G9600 U5
SM-G9600 U6
SM-G9608 U4
SM-G9608 U6
SM-M205F U4
SM-M205F U5
SM-M205FN U4
SM-M205FN U5
SM-M205M U5
SM-M205Y U5
SM-N950F U8
SM-N950F U9
SM-N970F U5
SM-N970F U6
SM-N970X U5
SM-N970X U6
SM-N975F U5
SM-N975F U6
SM-N975X U5
SM-N975X U6
SM-A305F U
SM-A605F U3
SM-G935F U8
SM-J730F U3
SM-N960F U2
SM-N960X U2
SM-J260M U3
SM-J415F U
SM-G955U U8
SM-J510FN U3

Added - Search Model Option
Fixed SERVER_STATUS_OFFLINE on some Networks
Fixed Login issue on some networks .. now no vpn required
Fixed MTK Bypass exploit issue
Improved Tool login now more faster than before
Download Uni-Android Tool UAT PRO v133.02 : MediaFire / AndroidFileHost

Uni-Android Tool [UAT] Qualcomm Module Ver 8.02 VIVO Update Release Notes:
Supported Functions [ADDED] Manual Selection of Storage - Auto | eMMC | UFS New
Download UAT Qualcomm MODULE V8.02 : MediaFire / AndroidFileHost
UAT Qualcomm MODULE V8.01 : MediaFire / AndroidFileHost

Uni-Android Tool - UAT Qualcomm MODULE Version 7.02 Release Notes, 
Supported Functions :
1. Read Info,EDL,ADB,Fastboot Mode
2. Reset FRP,EDL,ADB,Fastboot Mode
3. Format/Factory Reset,EDL,ADB,Fastboot Mode
4. Safe Format/Factory Reset,EDL Mode
5. Format/FRP,EDL,ADB,Fastboot Mode
6. Safe Format/FRP,EDL Mode Mode
7. Fix 9008 port,EDL mode
8. Rest Locks - without Data loss/ UnEncrypted,EDL,ADB Mode
9. Reset MI Account + FRP,EDL,Fastboot Mode [No More Relocks]
10. Fix AntiRelock,ADB Mode
11. Reset Screen Locks - Xiaomi - Without data loss -Beta,MIUI 8-12,EDL Mode
12. Bootloader Unlock - Xiaomi,EDL,Fastboot Mode
13. [Improved] Disable Screen locks,EDL,ADB Mode
14. [Improved] Disable Screen locks Xiaomi,EDL Mode
15. Read Pattern 6,EDL,ADB Mode
16. Reset Pattern,EDL,ADB Mode
17. Reset FRP VIVO,EDL Mode
18. Bootloader Unlock VIVO - Beta,EDL Mode
19. Reset Screen Locks VIVO - without data loss - UnEncypted/Encrypted,EDL mode
20. Format VIVO - force method,EDL Mode
21. Reset FRP ZTE,FTM mode
22. Reset FRP ASUS,fastboot Mode
23. Sideload Format - Xiaomi,Sideloade Mode
24. Added Anti-relock by APK Method with Video Guide Xiaomi
25. Install Navigation bar APK [useful after diable locks]
26. Free Xioami Stand Alone server with Unlimited use
28. [ADDED] Reset MI Account No Relock method on Xiaomi Flashing
29. Manual Selection of Storage - Auto | eMMC | UFS
30. [Added] Vivo Read System Info. - AT Mode New!
31. [Added] Vivo Factory Reset | Format - AT Mode New!
32. [Added] Vivo Demo Remove - AT Mode New!

Flashing Protocol - 2 Methods of Flashing
Supports,Multi xml Files Flashing Manual XML Selection Method,EDL mode
Reset FRP,Reset MI Account Format Options While Flashing
Xiaomi fastboot batch file Flashing Support,can select any batch file from Xiaomi firmware
Nokia Nb0 direct flashing without extraction by EDL Mode
Added 2 Methods of Nb0 Flashing
Option to select loader from package in case internal loader failed
ASUS raw Direct Flashing without Extract,EDL Mode
LG KDZ Direct Flashing without Extract,EDL Mode
Huawei Update.APP Direct Flashing without Extract,EDL Mode
Xiaomi Flasher
Fastboot batch file flashing
Sideload zip flashing
Backup Firmware
Full firmware backup method - with rawprogramm and patch xml creation for eMMC and UFS
Manual Selected Partition backup Method with XML creation
Partition Manager
List Partitions
Backup Selected Partitions
Write Selected Partitions
Wipe Selected Partitions
Backup / Wipe / Restore Security,EDL,ADB Mode
Wipe Security,Fastboot Mode
Wipe Security,TWRP mode

Read QCN
Write QCN
Read Diag Info
Repair IMEI Efs Method
Repair IMEI NV Method
Imei inside QCN Method
Repair IMEI RSA Method - Xiaomi
Option to Reset Efs by TWRP , will auto backup efs before wipe
Repair IMEI Efs method with QCN write Option Xioami
Will convert Normal Qcn to eng QCN during write process
Repair ESN
Repair Meid
Convert QCN to Eng QCN

ADB to EDL mode
Fastboot to Normal
Fastboot to RUU
ADB to Fastboot
ADB to Recovery
Enable Diag Generic Qualcomm,Requires Root
Enable Diag OPPO
Enable Diag Xiaomi Without Root
Enable DIAG ASUS Requires Root

Firmware Manager:
Extraction of Nokia Nb0 with Perfect XML Creation [Extract and Flash]
Extraction of Huawei Update.App to Factory firmware
Extraction of ASUS raw to Factory firmware
Extraction of LG kdz to factory firmware
Oppo ofp Extraction to xml firmware

Added MDM Reset for following added Samsung Models by Test Points:
SM-A705FN (Galaxy A70)
SM-A705YN (Galaxy A70)
SM-A705GM (Galaxy A70)
SM-A705MN DS (Galaxy A70)
SM-A705W (Galaxy A70)
SM-A7050 (Galaxy A70)
SM-A8050 (Galaxy A80)
SM-A905F (Galaxy A90)
SM-J610G (Galaxy J6+)
SM-J610F (Galaxy J6+)
SM-J610M (Galaxy J7 Prime)
SM-N950U (Galaxy Note 8)
SM-N950U1 (Galaxy Note 8)
SM-N9608 (galaxy note9)
SM-A105F/DS U1 (Galaxy A10)
SM-A115F/DS U1 (Galaxy A11)
SM-A805F/DS U1 (Galaxy A80)
SM-A908F U3 (Galaxy A90 5G)
SM-A705F/DS U3 (Galaxy A70 5G)
SM-A705F/DS U4 (Galaxy A70 5G)
SM-T595 U1 (Galaxy Tab A 10.5)
SM-T595 U2 (Galaxy Tab A 10.5)
SM-T595 U3 (Galaxy Tab A 10.5)
SM-T595 U4 (Galaxy Tab A 10.5)
SM-A715 U1 (Galaxy A71)
SM-A715 U2 (Galaxy A71)
SM-M115F/DSN (Galaxy M11)
SM-G950 (Galaxy S8)
SM-G955 (Galaxy S8 Plus)
SM-A015F/DS (Samsung Galaxy A01)
M6 Note
M8 Note
Note 9
UAT Qualcomm MODULE Ver7.02 : Mega / MediaFire / AndroidFilehost