DT Pro Tool Latest Update

Absolutely Free.Completely World First. Really New wanted models update. We've got more than a banner or a nice photo to show up. We have a real success...SOC`s Mode [Just One Click]
Chip SoC : MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6785, MT6779, MT6833, MT688x, MT6799, MT6853, MT6739, MT6750, MT6755, MT6761, MT6763, MT6893...
Brands : Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Alcatel, Zte, Tecno, Meizu,...etc

What`s New Vivo IMEI REPAIR -Brom mode [Direct], List of Supported and Tested Models vivo Models Supported- DTpro Tool: Direct IMEI repair for Vivo phones More Models Supported

New SOC`s Supported for Authentication and Services
Dimensity 700 (MT6833)
Dimensity 720 (MT6853)
Dimensity 820 (MT6875)
Dimensity 900 (MT6877)
Dimensity 1100 (MT6891Z)
Dimensity 1200 (MT6893)
-Redmi Note 9T Cannong IMEI repair Supported World First
-Redmi 10 Selene IMEI repair Supported World First
-Redmi Note 10S rosemary|Maltose Full Support
-Redmi 10 prime Selene IMEI repair Supported World First
-Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G IMEI repair Supported
-Redmi Note 10 Camelia IMEI repair Supported

Database Server Updated -press Update DB Button
Unlock Bootloader|EMI| Updated
More that 1000 phones Supported for Unlocking Bootloader

Samsung Mediatek Frp erase|Factory reset All Security Patch
SM-A326B -SM-A013F -SM-A013G -SM-A013M -SM-A022F -SM-A022G -SM-A022M -SM-A107F - SM-A107M -SM-A125F -SM-A125M -SM-A125N -SM-A125U -SM-S127DL -SM-A125U1 -SM-A215U - SM-A215U1 -SM-A215W -SM-S215DL -SM-A225F -SM-A225M -SM-A226B -SM-A315F -SM-A315G - SM-A315N -SM-A325F -SM-A325M -SM-A325N -SM-A326B -SM-A326BR -SM-A326K -SM-A326U - SM-A326U1 -SM-A326W -SM-A415F -SM-M013F -SM-M017F -SM-M022G -SM-M022M -SM-T220 - SM-T225 -SM-T225C -SM-T225N -SM-T227

New Devices Supported and Tested for SOC`s Update!
Please note that our update is CPU based so it will work for all new phone models with this SOC!
Here is a short list of well known current models that was tested
Dimensity 700 MT6833:
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G (camellia: M2103K19C/M2103K19G)
Oppo A53s / A55 5G
Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G (camellia: M2103K19PG/M2103K19PI)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10T (camellia)
Vivo V13 / Y52 / Y72 5G
Dimensity 720 MT6853:
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G
Huawei Nova 8 SE / Enjoy 20 5G
Vivo S7e / V21e / Y52s 5G
Vivo V21 / Y73s
IMEI Repair on XIAOMI DualSIM is Supported! you can change IMEI1 and IMEI2 without getting NV Corrupted error!
-Perform the easy testpoint and you're done
redmi 6 | Redmi 6A
Redmi 9 | Redmi 9A | Redmi 9AT | Redmi 9T | Redmi 9C | Redmi 9 Cactail | Redmi 9 prime
Poco C3
Redmi Note 8 pro | Redmi Note 8 2021
More Models will be updated coming Soon for DualSIM repair!
INFINIX Models Supported for repair IMEI|Auth|Frp erase| and More

Added ONE CLICK tab!
this has been added based on python "64Bits"
With New Options like reading RPMB | Bootloader Unlock | Relock Bootloader | Factory Reset | Dump IMEI among others.
-We have added this Option, to prevent fake products from updating this in dongles as a pack! or with false promises ...

VIVO IMEI repair - Broom Mode
Vivo-1819 |V15 MT6771
Vivo-1929 |Y1s MT6765
Vivo-1938 |Y30 MT6765
Vivo-PD1732 |Y81 M6762
Vivo-PD1732CF |Y81i MT6762
Vivo-PD1732F |Y81 M6762
Vivo-PD1801 |X21i MT6771
Vivo-PD1803BF |Y83 M6762
Vivo-PD1803F |Y83pro M6762
Vivo-PD1813 |Y97 MT6771
Vivo-PD1813C |Z3i MT6771
Vivo-V2109 |Y33s MT6768
Vivo-PD1813F |V11i MT6771
Viovo-PD1818C |Y93s MT6762
Vivo-PD1818GF |Y91i MT6762
Vivo-PD1818HF |Y91c MT6765
Vivo-PD1831F |V15 MT6771
Vivo-PD1901BF |Y15 MT6765
Vivo-PD1901DF |Y17 MT6771
Vivo-PD1901EF |Y12 MT6762
Vivo-PD1901F |Y17 MT6771
Vivo-PD1913F |S1 MT6768
Vivo-PD1917F |Y90 MT6761
Vivo-PD1823 |Y90 MT6765
Vivo-PD1934 |Y5s MT6768
Vivo-PD1934BF |Y19 MT6768
Vivo-PD1934F |Y19 MT6768
Vivo-PD1986 |Vivo iQOO Z1 MT688x
Vivo-PD1987CF |Y30 MT6765
Vivo-PD1987EF |Y30i MT6765
Vivo-PD1987F |Y30 MT6765
Vivo-PD1987GF |Y30 MT6765
Vivo-PD1987IF |Y30i MT6765
Vivo-PD2014F |Y1s MT6765
Vivo-V2134A |Vivo X70 Pro 5G MT6893 ,
Vivo-V2105 |Vivo X70 Pro 5G MT6893
Vivo-PD2135F |Vivo X70 Pro 5G MT6893
Vivo-PD2036DF |Y20 2021 - MT6765
Vivo-PD1904 |Y12 MT6765
Vivo-PD2036EF |Y12s MT6765
Vivo-PD2036EF |Y12s MT6765
Vivo-PD2036F |Y12s MT6765
Vivo-PD2066BF |Y20G MT6768
Vivo-PD2066CF |Y20G MT6768
Vivo-PD2066DF |Y20s MT6768
Vivo-PD2066F |Y20G MT6768
Vivo-V1813A |Y97 MT6771
Vivo-V1901A |Y3 china MT6765
Vivo-V1901T |Y3 MT6771
Vivo-V1986A |Vivo iQOO Z1 MT688x
Vivo-V2026 |Y12 MT6765
Vivo-V2031A |Y73s MT6853
Vivo-V2043 |Y20 MT6765
Vivo-V2066BA |Y30G M6768
Vivo-PD1908 |Y90 MT6765
Vivo-V2066 |V21 MT6853
Vivo-V2108 |V21 MT6853
Vivo-V2111 |Y21 MT6765
Bootloader Unlocking Supported
Read preloader in Some SOC`s Supported
Direct Frp erase Supported
Factory Reset Meta Mode Supported

MTK Module -AMAT v3.0.0.6001|SOCs Mode|Big Update released World First` as is usual
SOC`s Mode [Just One Click] Chip SoC : MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6785, MT6799, MT6873, MT6739, MT6750, MT6755, MT6761, MT6763...
Brands : Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Alcatel, Zte, Tecno, Meizu,...etc
SOC`s Mode: No Need Select Model and No Need Select Brand
It covers over 300 models, Please note! our update adds support for MediaTek chipsets in general and we will keep adding brand specific solutions continuously!
- Format Bootloader | reset Bootloader
- Wipe Security
- Frp erase
- Write Scatter Firmware
- Write XML patched Firmware
- Meta Factoy reset
- Format|Erase| XML patch
- IMEI repair
- MDM remove
- Backup | Restore |Wipe Partitions NV
- Authentication|Authorization
- Erase FRP Xiaomi|Huawei|LG [Testpoint]
- LG Unlocking Network|NO NEED CREDITS

New  WorldWide Update from The King.Most Wanted,World First.DTpro is service software that supports thousands of phone models in your Modules, without any hardware or Dongle. For Xiaomi,Vivo,Huawei,Nokia
Now e-Token [Xiaomi] Ext Info from phone! SDM678 Supported for Auth and Services
New Qualcomm Devices [Mi 8|redmi 8|redmi 8A|Mi 8lite] Supported for DualSim and RSA Disssable image uploaded totally Free...
New redmi Note10 Mojito Supported
DTpro Helper Updated -Guides for Service phones
New Hints Added to Gui!! -for newbies
Gui Improved -New Details and internal protocols added -Server Auth.
Xiaomi Qualcomm Log auth internal working with e-Token "apply New protocol"
e-Token with the most wanted Models
You Need Select e-Token from Brand list, XBoot Select your Model.

Supported VIVO QCOM New Security Models
SnapDragon 865,SnapDragon 855,SnapDragon 712,SnapDragon 665,SnapDragon 660.SnapDragon 460,etc 
Factory Reset, erase FRP, eMMC Partitionr!!
VIVO -U1/U3/U3x/Z5/Z5i/Z5x/Z6/U20/Y20/Y20i/Y50/Y71/Y9s/IQOO/IQOO 3/IQOO 5/IQOO5 PRO/IQOO NEO/IQOO NEWO 885/IQOO NEO3/IQOO PRO/IQOO U1/IQOO U1x/IQOO Z1/S5/S7/S1 pro and More Models
Gui Improved -New Details and internal protocols added -Server Auth.
Auth Protocol rev2 implemented in this New .exe
If you error 2222 please try with another similar Model of list and report Us.
No Auth, No Credits Supported for Vivo U3X, U10, Y9S, S1 PRO(PD1945F), S1 PRIME, Y50, X50 LITE etc sdm665 chip models!
Qualcomm SnapDragon 460 model (Y30, Y20, Y20i, Y20S, Y11S) Supported
You Need Select Vivo from Brand list, XBoot Select your Model.

Supported HUAWEI QCOM New/old Sec
IMEI repair Updated - for Huawei phones in Factory Mode
New Factory firmwares Uploaded to Support
80% of Qualcomm Huawei phones are Supported in Factory in this .exe

Supported NOKIA QCOM New/old Sec
Extended EDL Information
eMMC partition Updated
Frp Erase Supported for all Listed Models
IMEIrepair in Diag Mode Working
QCN read/Write
NOKIA -1.3/2/2.1/2V/3.1A/3.1C/3.2/4.2/5/5.4/6/6.1/X71/7/7.1/7plus/
You Need Select Nokia from Brand list, XBoot Select your Model.

Supported SHARP QCOM
Extended EDL Information
eMMC partition Updated
Frp Erase Supported for all Listed Models
SHARP - Aquos S2 | Aquos S3 | Aquos S3mini
You Need Select Sharp from Brand list, XBoot Select your Model.