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Xiaomi Utility Tool v1.1.8

Xiaomi Utility Tool v1.1.8 Dual-Language VN-EN , Feature :
 -Support dual languages ​​Vietnamese-English (DUAL-LANGUAGE VN-EN)
  -Supports optional TWRP installation for Xiaomi devices and some other Android brands (Can be customized).
  -Support get TWRP link from twrp.me homepage
  -Support install ADB Fastboot driver for android devices (used for computers to recognize phones).
  -Support to check Anti-Rollback status and bootloader unlock status of the device.
  -Supports boot buttons back and forth between the system, fastboot, recovery and edl.
  -Support link link from PC to phone and open always on the phone browser.
  -Support DPI change of the phone, help display more information on the screen.
  -Support uninstall google account xiaomi (FRP).
  -Support locked bootloader (install rom when you've bought and then locked).
  -Support unlock bootloader android one and some pure google machines.
  -Support wipe all data.
  -Supports flash flash file with magisk patch (details  (chi tiết https://topjohnwu.github.io/Magisk/install.html).
 -Support uninstall the system application without rooting or unlocking the bootloader.
  -Support install apk file from computer.
  -Support to adjust screen brightness from computer.
  -Support install zip file from computer (requires phone in TWRP and have ADB Sideload enabled).
  -Support flash file for local error correction in APK / ZIP section
  -Support turn on darkmode MIUI android 8/9 and some other android devices.
  -Support display option to enable high performance of MIUI.
  -Supports to get rom link of MIUI Global, China, EU, Indonesia, India, Xiaomi.Eu all xiaomi devices, including zip and tgz extension.
  -Support send phone number to phone and make a call from the tool.
  -Support movie recording and screen capture from the tool.
  -Support download Youtube Vanced, MicroG, Magisk download links from the homepage.
  -Support backup all data and apk of the device to the computer.
  -Support for checking battery status and machine information (requires successful device connection via USB debugging mode first).

source : https://sites.google.com/view/xiaomiutilitytool/trang-ch%E1%BB%A7

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