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Halabtech Tool v0.5 Free

Free Halabtech Tool 32Bit & 64Bit V0.5 Features :

Main Menu
ADB Mode
Read Info
Reset Frp ADB
Reboot To Normal Mode
Reboot To Recovery Mode
Fix Flash Error
Erase Frp Lock 1
Erase Frp Lock 2
Active Lang (No Root)
Add Arabic 6.x-7.x-8.x (No Root)
Enable All Lang (Root)
Reset Lock (Root)
Reset Lock Halab Tech Device
Remove Security Notice (No Root)
Remove Lock Screen By ADB (No Root)
Samsung With Normal Mode.....
Read Info
Call To
Reboot To Download Mode
Factory Reset

Samsung Repair :
Repair SN (Root)
Disable Factory Mode (Root)
S_Health Knock Fix (Root)
Reset EFS
Fix IMEI Null (baseband unknow)
Active diag
Stop RMM (Root)
SPD Features
Repair IMEI
Exynos Features
Read EFS
Fix drk (uart)
Qualcomm Features

HTC Features :
ADB Mode
Read Info
Reset Frp Adb
Reboot To Normal
Reboot To Fastboot Mode
Reboot to Recovery Mode
Active Lang (no root)
HTC Fastboot Mode Features
Read info
Reboot RUU
Frp Fastboot
Write IMEI
Relock Bootloader
Reboot Normal (OS)
Reboot Bootloader
Reboot Fastboot (non-Adb)
Reboot Download Mode
Unlock Bootloader
Flash Rom Zip

Huawei Normal Mode-Adb Mode.
Read info
Reset frp adb
Reboot to normal mode
Reboot to fastboot mode
Reboot to recovery mode
Remove Demo (no root)
Active Lang (no root)
Enable All language (root)
Mtp Mode Frp .....
Active adb
Reset Frp

Huawei Fastboot Mode :
Read info
Relock Bootloader
Frp fastboot
Check bootloader
Reboot fastboot (non-adb)
Unlock Bootloader
Read info build-number

App Manager:
All apps
System Apps
User Apps
Disable Apps

Download :
Halabtech Tool-v0.5-x32
Halabtech Tool-v0.5-x64

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Note : disable antivir if necessary
TRY At Your Own Risk ( silahkan dicoba , resiko ditanggung sendiri )