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Phoneboard V1.2.0

Phoneboard adalah alternatif gratis untuk aplikasi seperti ZXW, Wuxinji, dll.
Samsung , iPhone , Vivo , Oppo , iPad

These paid apps cost up to a hundred bucks a year but Phoneboard is completely free.
Last update:
* Added IPhone 8 & IPhone 8 Plus board files.
* Added Samsung S7 Edge board file.
* Now the search bar are case insensitive.
* Added active pin color settings.
* First linux release!
Source : phoneboard

phoneboard-v1.2.0-win32.rar (Gdrive)
phoneboard-v1.2.0-win32.rar (Mshare)
phoneboard-v1.2.0-win32.rar (Androidhost)

TRY At Your Own Risk (silahkan dicoba resiko tanggung sendiri)