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BST V3.42.02 Setup ( new update )

BST Setup new update Added [Xiaomi] :
> Added M1803D5XA(MI MIX2S) {Test Point}
> Added M1803D5XE(MI MIX2S) {Test Point}
> Added M1803D5XT(MI MIX2S) {Test Point}
> Added M1804D2SG(MI 6X/A2) {Test Point}
> Added M1804D2SE(MI 6X) {Test Point}
> Added M1804D2ST(MI 6X) {Test Point}

> Optimized Xiaomi disabled MIX2S and latest model flash function (MIX2S and latest model EDL mode authorization flash problem not solved yet)
> Optimized Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO "Partition Tool" Tab, solving the bugs in erase/read/write partition operations of a single partition!
> Optimized Xiaomi "Factory Reset (Sideload)" function.

* About Xiaomi "Factory Reset (Sideload)" function operation steps:
1). Switch to Recovery Mode (Vol Up + Power)
2). Select "Connect with MIAssistant" Use Power key to confirm (for MI-Recovery 3.0 and above version only)
3). Connect phone to pc via usb cable
4). Press "Scan" to confirm the phone connected
5). Press "Factory Reset (Sideload)"
6). Operation done, waiting phone reboot

BST_V3.42.02_Setup.zip ( Baidu )
BST_V3.42.02_Setup.zip ( Gsmbest )
BST_V3.42.02_Setup.zip ( Mediafire )