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Android Tool By SeharH v1.5 Pro

No Need To Activate Tool Pre Activated Version Android Tool By SeharH 1.5 Pro Features:
Samsung ADB Task's
- Read Information
- FRP Bypass
- Reboot Phone

ADB Function
- Read Information
- Generic FRP Bypass
- Reboot-To-EDL
- Reboot-To-Recovery
- Reboot-To-Bootloader
- Pay-Joy-App Kickout
- Allwinner Wipe Data

- SPD FRP Remove
- Qualcomm FRP Remove 1
- Qualcomm FRP Remove 2
- Spd Wipe Data 6.x

Huawei Y560-L01
- Unlock-Bootloader
- FRP Remove
- All Huawei Info

What's new :
Direct Contact Details Tab added (For those who want to join our hands)
Major Changes On GUI (Font style Changed, Logs style Changed, More Wider Gui)
"Various Brands" Tab Activated.(MARA Z device added For Enable diag Without Root)
Hardware Activation Key Requirement Removed (Due To Busy Timing I cannot reply with keys)
Android Tool By SeharH V1.5 Pro : Mega / UpFiles / DroidHost / MediFire / AndroidFileHost

pass archive : tuserhpdotcom
Disable antivirus before use this tool
TRY At Your Own Risk (silahkan dicoba , resiko ditanggung sendiri)

Android Tool By SeharH V1.3 Release | Minor Update What's New :
Android Functions Tab Updated  :
1. Added Function " Reboot-To-EDL "
2. Added Function " Reboot-To-Recovery "
3. Added Function " Reboot-To-Bootloader "
4.Added Function " AllWiner Wipe-Data "
[Install Given Drivers Inside For More Specific]
5.Minor Bugs Fix For Windows XP User's
6.Minor Bugs Fix For Windows 10 User's

Note : Please Do Not ASK | Force Add High Level Function As Its Just
Public Release Free Tool ( You Can Request Obviously )
Disable antivirus before use this tool
Download Android Tool By SeharH V1.3 : Mega / Up4net / Mirrored

Android_Tool_By_SeharH_v1.1 Released 
What's New .....?
[ ADB Tab Enabled ]
1-Added ' Read Information ' Function For Get Build Information
2-Added ' Generic FRP Bypass ' Function
[Function Require ADB mode ]
[It should Work With All Devices ]
[Android 6.x.x Tested and Works ]
[Sony,Motorola,Samsung Etc Etc Devices Tested And works ]
[ Fast Boot Tab Updated And Added New Functions ]
1-Added Qualcomm Frp Remove Method 1 (Beta)]
[Function Required Device In FastBoot Mode ]
[Works With Non-Secured Devices ]
[Function Works For Any Android Ver  ]
2-Added ' Qualcomm Frp Remove Method 2 (Beta)' ]
[Function Required Device In FastBoot Mode ]
[Works With Non-Secured Devices ]
[Function Works For Any Android Ver  ]
3-Added 'Spd Wipe Data ' Function
[Function Can Works Only For Spd Android 6.x.x Only ]
[Function Can Wipe The Device Same As Factory Format ]
[Tested And Safe  ]

Improvements And Bug's Fix
1-Samsung Frp Bypass Improve.
2-FastBoot Connection Has Been Improved

Android_Tool_By_SeharH_v1.0 | GUI Test
Iv'e make's this for test interface and GUI stability test's so not much Things has been added.Gui Interface Have Developed For System 32Bit And For 64Bit Too .Your Feedback will really force me to add more things

Supported Features Samsung
1-Added READ INFORMATION function for build structure of device.
2-Added FRP BYPASS function
(Supported Till Android 6.x.x & 7.x.x)
3-Added REBOOT DEVICE Function.

FastBoot Functions
1-Added SPD FRP REMOVE function
(Should Be supported All Spd Devices In FastBoot Mode With Any Android Ver  )
2-Added HUAWEI Y560-L01 Device
Added FRP REMOVE Function