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UFS PANEL 2709 ( UFST V1.0.5.7 )

Android UFST V. Release!, UFS_PANEL_2709 For UFST and UFS Turbo Only.
More than 4300 Predefined Models of Popular Major Brands is now on [Var] Tab
Before Using [MTK], [QC], [SPRD] Tabs Always Check [Var] Tab for predefined
Models. In this way will be used Correct Loaders and settings for Secure Boot.
Note: Use of wrong Loaders can cause BLINK, BRICK or IMEI loose Issues!

UFS PANEL 2709 ( UFST V1.0.5.7 ) hanya untuk ufst dan ufs turbo saja

[Extract Imag.] function introduced ([Files] Tab) it Allows:
Extract Asus .RAW Images, will be produced Files Folder and FastBoot Batch.
Extract CoolPad (Yulong) .CPB Images, from CP14 to CP17 and .CP8 types.
CPB Start Byte Trash as "004:36=<..." will be Removed and Informed about it.
Extract Huawei APP Images (not Zipped).
Extract Motorola Bootloaders (Qualcomm Motoboot and Single_N_Lonely).
Extract Nokia (HMD) .nb0 Images.
Extract Qualcomm .qsb Images.
In case of QualComm Devices later can use [Convert GPT] button to generate
Sahara (QFIL) Rawprogram.xml and Patch.xml Files (Need have GPT Binary)
Here will be invoked Files list Editor so can Add, Change or Remove files.
Note: Always need to Agree with use of Patch.xml when GPT is changed.

ANDROID_UFS_1057 + UFS PANEL 2709 ( 4shared )
UFS PANEL 2709 + ANDROID_UFS_1057 ( Mirrored )
ANDROID_UFS_1057 + UFS PANEL 2709 ( Mediafire )

More Alcatel Models Added:
U5 3G (4057A, 4047D, 4047F, 4047G, 4047N, 4047X)
U5 LTE (5044A, 5044C, 5044D, 5044I, 5044K, 5044O, 5044S, 5044T, 5044Y)
More FireHoses Added and Revisited models: 5056N, 5056W, ..

More Asus Models Added:
A002-ZS571KL, A007-ZB501KL, X007D-ZB552KL, X009D-ZB450KL, X00BD-ZB500KG,
X00LD_3-ZB553KL, X00P-ZB555KL, X00PD-ZB555KL, X00PS-ZB555KL, X00QD-ZE620KL,
X00RD-ZA550KL, X013D-ZB551KL, X017D-ZC600KL, Z00L-ZE550KL, Z00L-ZE600KL,
Z00MD-ZE600KL, Z00T-ZE601KL, Z00UD-ZD550KL, Z00UD-ZD551KL, Z010D-ZC550KL,
Z012D-ZE552KL, Z012D-ZE553KL, Z012DA-ZE552KL, Z012DB-ZE552KL, Z012DC-ZE552KL,
Z012DS-ZE552KL, Z016-ZS570KL, Z017D-ZE520KL, Z017DA-ZE520KL, Z017DB-ZE520KL,
Z01GD-ZS551KL, Z01KD-ZE554KL, Z01M-ZD552KL

Corrected DA for Models:
CRO-L22, LUA-Lxx, LUA-U02, LUA-U03, TAG-L32, TIT-L01, TIT-U02
More Huawei Models Added:
ALE-L04, ATH-AL00, ATH-CL00, ATH-UL01, ATH-UL06, CAM-AL00, CHE1-CL20,
CHM-CL00, CRO-U00, DLI-AL10, DLI-L22, DLI-L42, DLI-TL20, FDR-A05L, JDN-AL00,
JDN-L01, JDN-W09, KII-L03, KII-L05, KII-L21, KII-L22, KII-L23, KII-L33,
KIW-AL10, KIW-CL00, KIW-L21, KIW-L22, KIW-L24, KIW-TL00, KIW-TL00H, KIW-UL00,
MYA-L02, MYA-L03, MYA-L22, MYA-L23, PLE-701L, PLE-703L, SCL-L32, SCL-U23,
T1-821L, T1-821W, T1-823L, T1-A21W, TIT-CL10, TIT-TL00, Y600-U151, Y625-U51,

More Lenovo Models Added:
A395E, A560, A780E, A805E, A890E, A5600, A7020a40, A7020a48, K52e78, K52t38,
K530T, S580, TB-7304F, TB-7304I, TB-7304X, TB-8704V, TB-X103F, TB-X704A,
TB-X704N, TB-X704V, TB-X704Y, ZUK Z2P-Z2121, ZUK Z2X-Z2151

LG :
More LG Models Added:
H930, H930DS, H930G, H932, H933, LS755, LS676, LS777, LS998, M257, M320G,
M322, M700DSN, M700H, M700TV, M700Y, M703, MG600K, MG600L, MG600S, MK120K,
MK120L, MK120S, MK121K, MK121L, MK121S, MP450, MV300K, MV300L, MV300S, MX320K,
MX320L, MX320S, MX600K, MX600L, MX600S, MX800K, MX800L, TP450, US110, US998,
V530, V533, VS995, VS996, X180, X190, X230, X240

More Micromax Models Added:
C1A, C2A Plus, B4A, B5, B5 Plus, B5 Pro, E4815, E4816, E4817, HS1, HS3, P680,
P681, P701+, Q3551, Q398, Q402 Ultra, Q426+, Q442, Q452, Q465 Lite, Q480,
Q4601, YU5530

More Motorola Models Added:
XT1792, XT1793, XT1794, XT1795, XT1797 (Moto G5S Montana)
XT1789-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 (Moto Z2 Force Nash)
XT1802, XT1803, XT1804, XT1805, XT1806 (Moto G5S Plus Sanders) with Sahara
XT1900-1, XT1900-2, XT1900-4, XT1900-5, XT1900-6, XT1900-7 (Moto X4 Payton)
XT1922 (Moto G6 Play Aljeter)
XT1925 (Moto G6 Ali)
XT1926 (Moto G6 Plus Evert)
XT1929 (Moto Z3 Play Beckham)

Added Manual Selection of Preloader (When Need it to Enable DRAM: Format, Frp)
Fixed Bug of Preloader File propogation from Scatter [Format], [FRP], [Read]
Fixed of '-sign', '-verifed' files recognition from Scatter Parser.
Added More Helio Devices, improved Flashing, FRP and META Protocol.
Helio Devices: GPT Repair, Flashing in Both Modes (Partition Name or Address)
[Format Flash] now Supports Multiple Partitions (Delimited by Space or Comma)
Don't Redistribute DA Files, them will not work with other Solutions or
Lower version of UFST Software. Use of original Files is not Affected.

More Nokia Models Added:
Nokia 1 (TA-1047, TA-1056, TA-1060, TA-1066, TA-1079)
Nokia 2 (TA-1007, TA-1011, TA-1023, TA-1029, TA-1035)
Nokia 6 2018 (TA-1016, TA-1054)
Nokia 7 (TA-1013, TA-1015, TA-1018, TA-1040. TA-1041)
Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1046, TA-1062)
Nokia 8 (TA-1004, TA-1012, TA-1052)

Added Support of New QC Devices. Improved Support of UFS Memory Devices.
Added Xiaomi EDL Reboot Mode from [FastBoot Utils], Need [OEM Unlock]
[Format Flash] Function by Partition Name Added (Can Choose Quick mode)
[Format Flash] Supports Multiple Partitions (Delimited by Space or Comma)
Added Check of Files Sparse to Prevent Mismatches between real Files and .XML
Added Patchn.xml File generation during [Read Flash]
[Convert GPT] Added. It Generate Rawprogram.xml and Patch.xml from GPT Binary.
Can be used to Build/Edit Custom Sahara Flash Packages from Read, Extracted or FastBoot Files.
Don't Redistribute Firehose Files, them will not work with other Solutions or
Lower version of UFST Software. Use of original Files is not Affected.

More Samsung Models Added:
A530F, A530N, A720S, A730F, G5528, G611F, J250F, J250G, J250M, T378K, T378L,T378S, T380C, T385C, T385M, T390, T395, T395N, W2018

More Sony Models Added:
G3412, G3416, G3421, G3423, G3426 (Xperia XA1 Plus Teak)
LT26i (Xperia S Nozomi) SO-02D (Xperia NX Nozomi)
H331, H3321, H43111, H4331 (Xperia L2 Ranger)

More SoC's and Predefined FDL Loaders Added.
[Format Flash] now Supports Multiple Partitions (Delimited by Space or Comma)
Device Settings Revised, must be more easy to Boot Devices without PAC
When [Read Flash] is Generated: 'Flash_Me.pac.txt' Flash Definition File.
It makes more easy Flash Back Readouts by Selecting it with [FH] Button.
If .pac or .txt Selected, can Select Additional Files Using [Add File] Button.
Flash_Me.pac.txt' File is Editable with Notepad, if want to Customize it.
Now can flash all File formats: PAC, XML, PAC.TXT and Custom if have XML.
Added [Format userdata Partition] Option in Flash Selector Form.

Some Secured Devices can Boot only with Vol+,Vol- Buttons and need Preloader.
If not Boot always try other Download Agent (DA_PL, DA_SWSEC, CRYPTO20 ...)
ACER Models Added:
A1-713, A1-713HD, B1-780, B1-830, B1-850, B3-A10, B3-A20, B3-A30, One 7
ADVAN Models Added:
G1, i5, i55A (A8), i55C (G2), i5C, i5E, i6A, i7, i7A, i7A Bima, M4
ARCHOS Models Added:
Access 70 3G, Core 101 4G, Saphir 50X, Sense 55DC, Sense 55S
ARTEL Models Added:
ATTILA Models Added:
I8 Plus, Mate Pro, Mate 8 Plus, Mate 9, Mini Mate, P9 Plus, P10 Plus,P20 Pro, S3
BQ Models Added:
Aquaris E10, Aquaris M10, Aquaris M8, BQ-5516L, BQru-5515L, BQru-5701L,BQS-5007L
BLACKVIEW Models Added:
A20, BV4000 Pro, BV6000, BV7000, BV7000 Pro, BV8000 Pro, BV9000, JK809,P10000 Pro, P2, P6000, R7, S8
BLU Models Added:
A030L Advance4.0 L2, A050U Advance5.0 HD, A070U Advance5.5 HD, A110 Advance4.0,
C0010LL CX5, C0010UU C5, C0010Q C5, D010L/U Dash X, D090L/U Dash M2,
D110L/U Dash X2, D210L Diamond M, D251L Dash L2, D343L Dash3.5, D470U Dash5.5,
D690U Studio5.5C, D710 Dash XL, D931 Dash L3, D970L Vivo IV, D980L Vivo Air,
E0010UU Energy X, E0030UU Energy XL, E010Q Energy X, E030L/U Energy X Plus,
E090 Energy Diamond Mini, E110 Energy M, E130 Energy Diamond, G0010 Grand X,
G0030 Grand XL LTE, G010 Grand HD, G070 Grand M, G090 Grand X, G110 Grand Max,
G150 Grand XL, G190 Grand Energy M2, J6010 Studio X Plus, L0070UU Life One X,
L010Q Life X8, L0110EE/UU Life Max, L0150WW Life One X3, L050L/U Life XL,
L170i Life Play 2, L280 Life 8, L290L Life 8 XL, N090L/U Neo X Plus,
P0030UU Life Pure XR, P271L TouchBook M7, P290L TouchBook M7 Pro, R010P R2 3G,
R0110 J2 LTE, R0150EE R2, R0170WW R2, R0190WW R2 Plus, R0051UU R1 Plus,
S0250UU Studio G HD LTE, S0270UU Studio XL2, S0290UU Studio J5,
S030Q Studio G Plus, S0310UU Studio Max, S050Q Studio J1, S070Q Studio Selfie,
S090Q Studio C HD, S110L Studio M HD, S170L Studio G HD, S210Q Studio G Mini,
S230Q Studio Selfie 2, S450L/UL Star 4.5, S550Q Studio G2 HD, S590Q Studio J2,
S610P Studio Mega, S710U Studio M5+, S750P Studio Pro, S790Q Studio View XL,
S810 Studio View, T0010UU Tank Extreme Pro, V0070EE/UU Vivo XL2, V0090LL,
V0110EE/UU Vivo 6, V0150LL/UU Vivo 8, V0160WW Vivo S, V0250WW Vivo XL3,
V0290WW Vivo One Plus, V050/V051 Vivo 5 Mini
BLUBOO Models Added:
D1, D2, D2 Pro, D4 Pro, D5 Pro, Dual, Edge, Maya, Maya Max, Mini, Picasso,
Picasso 4G, S1, S3, S8, S8 Plus, X1, X1s, X2, X3, X4, X550, X6, X6 Plus,
X6 Pro, X9, Xfire, Xfire2, Xtouch
CASPER Models Added:
A1, A1 Plus, A1S, E1, E2, M1, F1, M3, V3, V4, V5, V8, V8C, V9
CELKON Models Added:
A2000A, CliQ, Q4G Plus, UniQ
CHERRY Models Added:
Desire R7 Lite, Desire R7 Mini, Desire R7 Plus, Flare A1, Flare A3, Flare A5,
Flare Infinity, Flare HD V2, Flare J3 Lite, Flare J7 Lite, Flare S6,
Flare S6 Max, Flare XL Plus, Spin Max
COMIO Models Added:
C1, C2, C2 Lite, P1, S1, S1 Lite
COOLPAD Models Added:
1841-C0, 3506G, 5367, 5367C, 7295C, 7298A, 7230S, 7232, 7270-W00, 7296, 7296S,
7605, 7722, 8017-T00, 8295M, 8297D, 8298-A01, 8670, 8675, 8675-HD, 8675-T01,
8717, 8718, 9150W, 9976A, 9976D, 9976T, CK3-01, D5066, K2L-S00, Y71-511
CUBOT Models Added:
Cheetah, Cheetah2, Dinosaur, Echo, GT88, GT95, H1, H2, H3, HafuryMix, J3,
KingKong, Magic, Max, NotePlus, NoteS, Nova, OneTurbo, P10, P11, P12, P7,
Power, R11, R9, Rainbow, Rainbow2, S200, S308, S500, S550, S600, T9, X10,
X11, X12, X15, X16, X17, X17S, X18, X18 Plus, X6, X9
DEXP Models Added:
E145, E240, E245, EL150, EL250, EL450, ES1050, ES160, ES255, ES250, ES350,
ES650, ES850, G150, G155, G250, GL255, M140, M145, M150, M155, M250, M255,
M340, M345, M350, M355, M450, M750, M850, ML150, ML245, ML250, ML350, ML450,
MS155, MS255, MS350, MS550, P135, P145, P350, X140, X145, X147, X150, X155,
X245, X250, XL140, XL145, XL150, XL155, Z150, Z155, Z255
DOOGEE Models Added:
BL12000, BL12000 Pro, BL5000, BL7000, F1, F2, F3, F3 Pro, F5, F7, F7 Pro,
Mix 4+64, Mix 6+64, Mix Lite, Mix2, S30, S50, S60 Lite, Shoot2, Shoot Mix,
Shoot Power, X20, X20L, X30, X53, X60L, X9 Mini, Y200, Y300, Y6, Y6 Max,
Y6 Max3D, Y6 Piano, Y600, Y600 Pro
EVERCOSS Models Added:
A65, A74B, A75L, A76, B74, B75, B75A, J40A, L557, R50A, R50B, R50E, R70A, S55,
S57, U45, U6, U70, V55, W12A, W503
ELEPHONE Models Added:
A4, A8, C8, M3, P8 2017, P8 Max, P8 Mini, P8 Pro, P9000, P9000E, P9000F,
P9000 Lite, R9, S7 4G, S8
EPHONE Models Added:
E1, E7, E9, EP1, EP11, EP13, EP17, EP19, Fashino, Royal 5
FIREFLY Models Added:
Aurii Amuse4G, Aurii DreamOne, Aurii Envy, Aurii F8 Premium, Aurii FussionMini,
Aurii Inspire, Aurii Intense5, Aurii Passion, Aurii Secret4G, Aurii SecretLite,
Intense Desire, Intense Razor, Intense XL
FLY Models Added:
FS408, FS458, FS518, FS520, FS522, FS523, FS526, FS527, FS5230, FS554, IQ452,
IQ453, IQ457, Life Mega, Photo Pro, Power Plus3
GIONEE Models Added:
A1, A1 Plus, F5, M6, M6 Plus, S6 Pro, S6L, S8, S9, S10, S10B, S10BL, S10L,
W900, W900S, W909
HAIER Models Added:
A42P, A45, Aire Lite, G10, G20, G30, G31, G31s, G31t, G33, G50, G51, G55, G61,
G7, G7 Lite, G701, G7s, G8, G8 Plus, G8P Lite, I50, I502, I506, I65, I70, I80,
JS500, L32, L52, L53, L54, L55, L55s, N501, P4500, U33, V4, V5, V6
HGHSCREEN Models Added:
Easy Power Pro, Fest, Fest Pro, Fest XL Pro, Pure Power, Razar, Razar Pro,
Thunder, Verge, Verge M
HISENSE Models Added:
F30, T5, T5 Plus, U965
HOMTOM Models Added:
HT10, HT16, HT16 Pro, HT17, HT17 Pro, HT20, HT20 Pro, HT26, HT27, HT27 Pro,
HT3, HT3 Pro, HT30, HT30 Pro, HT37, HT37 Pro, HT5, HT50, HT6, HT7, HT7 Pro,
HT70, S12, S16, S7, S8, S9 Plus
HYUNDAI Models Added:
A25024L, A25563L, A26062K, A26062L, C5 Pro, E545, G24027K, G25022K, G25226L,
G25523K, G25524K, H7, HP554O, HY PRO4544, HYMI 5C, HYMI 5I, HYMI 6I, HYMI SE,
L445, L7I, Q10HD, Q5I, Seoul, Seoul MM, Seoul Plus, Titan 5K, Titan LTE,
W25042L, W25544L, Xerxes, Xerxes X1
iBRIT Models Added:
AF51 Alfa, MS61 Mega, SI51 Speed, SI52 Speed+, SI53 Speed Pro
INFINIX Models Added:
X5010-AW878, X522-H539-A S2, X5511-H3716-B1 Hot 4 Pro, X555-H538-A1/B1 Zero 4,
X559-H8015-A1/B1 Hot 5 Lite, X559-H8015-C1 Hot 5, X570-S9301 Alfa,
X571-H5311-A1 Note 4 Pro, X572-H5312-A1/C1 Note 4, X602-H972-A1/C1 Zero 4 Plus,
X603-H575-A Zero 5, X603-H575-B Zero 5 Pro, X604-H633 Note 5,
X605-H632 Note 5 Stylus, X801 JoyPad 8S, X1000 JoyPad 10
INFOCUS Models Added:
IF9001, IF9007, IF9031, M260, MM415, M460, M505, M530, M535, M550, M680, M808,M808I, S1, TSP
INJOO Models Added:
2, 3, 4, 5, Fire 3G, Fire2 3G, Fire2 LTE, Fire2 Plus LTE, Fire3 LTE, Fire3 Air,
Fire Plus 3G, Fire Plus LTE, Fire Pro LTE, Halo LTE, Halo2 LTE, Halo3 LTE,
Halo3 Plus, i1, i1k, i1s, i2, i2s, Max, Max2 3G, Max2 Plus 3G, Max3 3G,
Max3 LTE, Max3 Pro, Note, Note2 3G, Note E, Note Pro, One HD 3G, One HD LTE,
Pro, Pro2, Spark, Two 3G, Two LTE, Vision LTE, X2
INTEX Models Added:
Aqua 5.5 VR, Aqua 5.5 VR+, Aqua Crystal, Aqua Crystal+, Aqua Lions 3,
Aqua Lions N1, Aqua Lions X1, Aqua Lions X1+, Aqua Note 5.5, Aqua Power IV,
Aqua S1, Aqua Shark, Aqua Zenith, Cloud Fame 4G, Cloud O3, Cloud Q11 4G,
Cloud Tread, Elyt E5, Elyt E6, Elyt E7, Elyt E8, Elyt E8+, i1 Dubai, JS Dubai
ITEL Models Added:
A31, A32F, A44, A44 Pro, IT1655, P51, S11, S11 Pro, S11X, S12, S21, S31, S32,S41
JUST5 Models Added:
Blaster Mini, C110, C122, Cosmo L707, Cosmo L808, Freedom, Freedom C100,
Freedom C105, Freedom M303, Freedom Pro, Freedom X1, Spacer 2, Spacer 2S
KARBONN Models Added:
Frames S9, K9 Smart Selfie, Max2 Plus, Titanium S2, Titanium S7,
Titanium Frames S7
KULT Models Added:
10, Ambition, Beyond, Gladiator, KT05 Impulse
LANIX Models Added:
L1120, LT520, L620. L820, L920, S410, S600, S700, X520
LAVA Models Added:
A1, A3 Mini, A44, Iris 40, Iris 50, Iris 515, Iris 60, Iris 65, Iris 750,
Iris 755, Iris 80, Iris 860, Iris 88, Iris 880, Iris 88S, R1, R1 Lite, R1S,
T80, V2, Y10, Y30, Z25, Z5, Z60, Z70, Z80, Z90, Z90E
LEAGOO Models Added:
Alfa 1, Alfa 2, Alfa 6, Alfa 8, Elite 1, Elite 2, Elite 3, Elite 4, Elite 5,
Elite 6, Elite Y, KIICAA Mix, KIICAA Power, Lead 3S, Lead 7, Leapad 7I,
Leapad 7S, Leapad 8, M5, M5 Edge, M5 Plus, M7, M8, M8 Pro, M9, P1, P1 Pro,
Power 5, S8, S8 Pro, Shark1, Shark 5000, T1, T1 Plus, T10, T5, Venture 1, Z1,
Z5, Z5 LTE
MOBICEL Models Added:
4U, Air, Arc, Cosmo, Frio, Gem, Play, Rebel, Rush, Trip, Vega
OUKITEL Models Added:
C11, C8, C8 4G, K10, K10000 Max, K10000 Pro, K2, K3, K5, K6, K3000, K4000 Plus,
K5000, K6000 Plus, K8000, Mix2, U11 Plus, U15 Max, U22, WP5000
PANASONIC Models Added:
Eluga A3, Eluga A3 Pro, Eluga A4, Eluga C, Eluga I2 Activ, Eluga I3 Mega,
Eluga I4, Eluga I5, Eluga I9, Eluga Mark 2, Eluga Pulse, Eluga Pulse X,
Eluga Ray, Eluga Ray 500,  Eluga Ray 700, Eluga Ray X, Eluga Tapp, Eluga WE,
P55, P55 Max, P85, P9, P90, P91, P99, P100, P101
PHICOMM Models Added:
C6051, E5051
PHILIPS Models Added:
S327, S358, S386, S395, X588, X598, X818
PHONEMAX Models Added:
Q5, Rocky 2, Saturn
PSP5552, PSP7510, PSP7550, PSP7570, PSP7571, PSP7572
QMOBILE Models Added:
A1, A1 Lite, Blue 5, CS1, CS1 Plus, Dual One, E1, E2, E4002, Energy X1,
Energy X2, Evok Power, Evok Power Lite, i6 Metal 2017, i6 Metal One, i9i,
J1, J2, JS1, JS7, JS7 Pro, KingKong Max, L20, LT500 Pro, LT600 Pro, LT650,
Luna Pro, M350 Pro, M6 Lite, Q811, S15, S5 Lite, S6 Plus, S6S, S8, S9,
X700 Pro 2, X700 Pro Lite, Z14, Z4 Mini, QTab Q100, QTab Q1100, QTab Q50,
QTab Q850, QTab V10, QTab V3, QTab V6, QTab V7, QTab V8, QTab V9 LTE
RIVO Models Added:
A7, J05, PZ15, PZ18, PZ20, PZ4, RX10, RX100, RX100+, RX150, RX180, RX200,
RX250, RX280, RX350, RX398, RX40, RX400, RX450, RX45, RX48, RX50, RX55,
  RX550, RX58, RX60, RX600, RX65, RX650, RX680, RX70, RX75, RX80, RX88, RX90,
  Storm S8
 SHARP Models Added:
  Aquos Z2
 SWIPE Models Added:
  Ace, Ace Strike, Elite New, Elite VR, Konnect 4, Konnect 4 Neo, Konnect 5.0,
  Konnect Me, Konnect Plus, Konnect Star Plus, Marathon, Slate 8, Slate Plus,
 SYMPHONY Models added:
  G20, H150, H175, H300, H400, H58, H60, Helio S1, Helio S10, Helio S2,
  Helio S20, Helio S25, i10, i10 Plus, i100, i110, i20, i25, i50, i60, i70, i90,
  Inova, M1, P10, P11, P6, P6 Pro, P7, P7 Pro, P8, P8 Pro, P9, P9 Plus, R100,
  R20, R30, V120, V140, V20, V32, V46, V47, V55, V60, V75, V75M, V80, V90, V95,
  V96, Z9, ZVI, ZVII
 TECNO Models Added:
  CA6 Camon CM, CA7 Camon X, CA8 Camon X Pro, Camon CX, Camon CXS,
  IN2 Camon iSky, IN3 Camon iAir, IN5 Camon I, IN6 Camon iClick, DroiPad 7C Pro,
  DroiPad 7D, DroiPad 8D, Festa 5, F1, F2, F3 POP1, F6, H6, H7, H7 Plus, H7S,
  i5, i7, K7, K8, K9, KA9 Spark CM, L9, LA7 Pouvoir2, M6, M6S, N2, N2S, N9, N9S,
  P5, P5 Plus, P5S, P6, P9, Phantom 5S, Phantom 6, Phantom 6 Plus, Phantom 6S,
  Phantom 8, Phantom 8S, Phantom Z Mini, PhonePad 7E, R5, R6, R7, S1, S1E, S1S,
  WX4, Y2, Y3, Y3S, Y4, Y5, Y5S, Y6
 TEXET Models Added:
  TM5071, TM5571, TM5577, TM5580, TM5581
 UIMI Models Added:
  F5, F6, F6B, U5, U6, U6 Pro, U9, U9 Pro
 ULEPHONE Models Added:
  Armor, Armor2, Armor X, BeOne, BePro, BePro2, BePure, BePureLite, BeTouch,
  BeTouch2, BeTouch3, BeTouchS, BeX, F2S, Future, Gemini, Gemini Pro, GQ3028,
  Metal, Metal Lite, Mix, Mix2, MixS, P92, Paris, Paris Lite, Paris X, Power,
  Power2, Power3, Power3S, Power5, S7, S8, S8 Pro, S9 Pro, T1, Tiger, Tiger Lite,
  U007, U007 Pro, U008 Pro, U45, U5, U658, U692, U7, Vienna
 UMIDIGI Models Added:
  A1 Pro, C Note, C Note 2, C2, Crystal, Diamond, Diamond X, Fair, G, Hammer,
  Hammer S, Iron, Iron Pro, London, Max, Plus, Plus E, Rome, Rome X, S, S2,
  S2 Lite, S2 Pro, Super, Touch, TouchX, Z, Z Pro, Z1, Z1 Pro
 VERNEE Models Added:
  Active, Apollo, Apollo Lite, Apollo X, M5, Mars, Mars Pro, Mix2, Mix2 Pro,
  Thor, Thor E, Thor Plus, X, X Pro
 VERTEX Models Added:
  Calypso, Drive, Impress Alfa, Impress Cube, Impress Disco, Impress Dune,
  Impress Eagle, Impress Eno, Impress Event, Impress Fire, Impress Fortune,
  Impress Genius, Impress Glory, Impress Groove, Impress InTouch 3G,
  Impress Intouch 4G, Impress Lagune, Impress Life, Impress Lion 3G,
  Impress Lion 4G, Impress Lotus, Impress Luck, Impress Lux, Impress M,
  Impress Max, Impress Moon, Impress More, Impress Nero, Impress Night,
  Impress Novo, Impress Omega, Impress Open, Impress Orion, Impress Ra,
  Impress Razor, Impress Star, Impress Style, Impress U Too, Impress Wave,
  Impress X, Impress XL, Impress XXL, Lion Dual, S50, Sun
 VERYKOOL Models Added:
  S354, S400, S4009, S4010, S450, S4510U, S5001, S5002, S5003, S5011, S5012,
  S5013, S5014, S5015, S5016, S5020, S5035, S5036, S5037, S505, S5525, S5528,
  S6001, SL4502, SL5011, SL5050, SL5560, SL5565, SL6010
 VIVO Models Added:
  X3T, X5 ProD, Y11iT, Y11T, Y19T, Y52
 WALTON Models Added:
  F6, F7, F7S, F8, G7, G7 Pro, G8, GF4, GF6, GH6, GH6 Plus, GH7, GM2, GM2 Plus,
  GM3, GM3 Plus, H5, H6, H6 Lite, H6 Plus, H7, HM3, HM3 Plus, HM4, HM4 Plus,
  NF2, NF2 Plus, NF3, NH3, NH3 Lite, NH3i, NX3, NX3 Plus, NX4, NX4 Mini, R4,
  R4 Plus, R4S, RH2, RH3, RM3, RM3S, RX2, RX5, S4, S5, S6, VX Plus, X4, X4 Pro,
  ZX2, ZX2 Lite, ZX2 Mini, ZX3
 WIKO Models Added:
  P6609 U Feel, S9096 Cink Peax 2, S9111 Stairway, S9201 Cink Five,
  S9203 Darknight, S9301 Darkside, S9311 Darkfull, V2600 Sunny 2 Plus,
  V2802 Jerry, V3610 Jerry Max, V3740 Lenny 4 Plus, V3913 Kenny
 XOLO Models Added:
  Era 2V, Era 3, Era 3X
 ZTE Models Added:
  Blade A610 Plus, Blade A612, Blade L370, Blade V0721, Blade V0730,
  Blade V7 Max, Blade V8 Lite, Blade Vec, Blade VecPro, Q519T,  V580

 ARTEL Models Added:
 BLU Models Added:
  S0070UU Studio Selfe, L0130UU Life One X2 Mini, V0000UU Vivo Air, V010Q Vivo,
  Y534Q Studio 5.0 HD
 BQ Models Added:
  Aquaris U Lite, Aquaris V Plus
 CASPER Models Added:
  E1C, M2, P1, V10, V6, V6X
 COOLPAD Models Added:
  3622A, 5263, 5263C, 5263S, 5316, 5360, 7236, 7251, 7560I, 7620L-W00,
  8297-T02, 8297-W01, 8297L-S00, C103, C105-6, C106, E2C, VCR-A0/I0 Cool Play 6,
  K1-NW-I00 Star F103, KWMINI-G00 Sky Mini, R116, THD-S0, Y60-C1, Y72-S00
 DEXP Models Added:
  M245, P150, P245, X255, X355
 GENERAL MOBILE (GM) Models Added:
  GM4G, GM5, GM5 Plus
 GIONEE Models Added:
  F6, GN5007, S10 Lite, S10C, S10CL, M7 Power
 HAIER Models Added:
  6150E, 6171E, G101
 HISENSE Models Added:
  A2, C30, C3100, I300T, L730, U800E1
 HYUNDAI Models Added:
  Ultra Vision Plus
 INFINIX Models Added:
  H573-LTE Hot S3
 INFOCUS Models Added:
  M370, M370I
 ONEPLUS Models Added:
  3, 3T, 5, 5T
 OPPO Models Added:
  3000, 3005, F3 Lite, F3 Plus
 LAVA Models Added:
  EG840, EG841, EG932, Iris 406Q, Qpad R704
 LANIX Models Added:
 LYF Models Added:
  F10Q, F120B, F30C, F50Y, F90M, FL-7008, LF-2403, LF-2403N, LS-4508, LS-5006
 LETV (LeEco) Models Added:
  X520, X522, X526, X527, X720, X725, X727, X728, X800, X800+, X820, X821, X822,
  X823, X829, X900, X900+
 MEIZU Models Added:
  M1721 M6 Note
 MOBICEL Models Added:
 PANASONIC Models Added:
  Eluga A, Eluga Arc, Eluga Icon 2, Eluga L2, Eluga L4G, Eluga Mark,
  Eluga Ray Max, Eluga Switch, Eluga U, P95
 PHICOMM Models Added:
  C630, E651, E653
 PRESTIGIO Models Added:
  PMT3277, PMT3287
 RIVO Models Added:
  PZ1, PZ10, PZ8
 SHARP Models Added:
  Aquos S2
 SMARTFREN Models Added:
  Andromax B, Andromax E2+, Andromax Ice, Andromax Q, Andromax R
 SMARTISAN Models Added:
  Nut Pro2, Nut U1, U2 Pro
 SWIPE Models Added:
  Elite Envy, Elite Max, Elite Power, Elite Pro, Elite Sense
 SYMPHONY Models added:
  H300 Plus, Z10, ZVIII
 TEXET Models Added:
 TURKCELL Models Added:
  T70, T80
 VERTEX Models Added:
  Impress Action, Impress Grip, Impress Tor
 VERYKOOL Models Added:
 VIVO Models Added:
  1716, V5 Plus, V7, V9, V9 Youth, X21, X5 ProV, X3F, X3L, X3V, X5F, X5M, X5V,
  X6 PlusA, X6S Plus, X710F, X710L, X9 Plus, X9S, Xplay 5A, Xplay 5S, Xplay 6,
  Y22L, Y29L, Y31A, Y51A, Y55L, Y65, Y66, Y71, Y79, Y613F, Y623, Y913, Y923
 VODAFONE Models Added:
  VFD600, VFD710
 WIKO Models Added:
  C800 View2, C860 View2 Pro, V11BNLite View XL, V12BN View Prime,
  V12BNLite View, V3941 Tommy2 Plus
 XIAOMI Models Added:
  Mi 5 Gemini, Mi 5s Capricorn, Mi 5s Pro Natrium, Mi 6 Sagit, Mi 6x Wayne,
  Mi A1 Tissot, Mi Mix Lithium, Mi Mix 2 Chiron, Mi Mix 2S Polaris,
  Mi Note 2 Scorpio, Redmi 5 Rosy, Redmi 5 Plus Vince, Redmi 5A Riva,
  Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred, S2 Ysl, Y1 Ugg, Y1 Lite Ugglite
 ZTE Models Added:
  Axon Mini B2015, Axon Mini B2016, Axon7 A2017, Axon7 Mini B2017G, Blade A6,
  Blade A310, Blade A470, Blade A506, Blade A570, Blade A813, Blade V8,
  Blade V8 Mini, N918St V5S, N958St V5 Max, NX523J Z11 Max, NX531J Z11,
  NX549J Z11 MiniS, NX551J M2, NX563J Z17, NX569H/J Z17 Mini, NX589J Z17 MiniS,
  NX591J Z17 Lite, NX595J Z17s, NX608J N3, NX612J V18, Star II, T617, T920 Blade S7

 ADVAN Models Added:
  i5E, i7D
 BLU Models Added:
  N010L Neo 5.0, S150L/U Studio 5.5 HD, S170E Studio G HD
 CELKON Models Added:
  Ace, Astro, CT744, Diamond Pro, Mega, Milenia Everest, Milenia Hero,
  Milenia Spark, Milenia Star, Milenia Xpress, Pop, Pride, Q452, Q567, Q599,
  Q599 Ufeel, Star 4G, U, UFeel
 COOLPAD Models Added:
  MTS-I0 N2M
 DEXP Models Added:
  E140, E150, E250, E340, E345, E350, E440, EL350, ES145, ES155, ES245, ES260,
  ES355, ES450, ES550, ES750, ES950, M240, M445, M545, MS250, MS450, MS650, P140
 EVERCOSS Models Added:
  A74A, A74C, A74E, A74J, A75A, A75G, A75W, J5, L5033, M40, M50 Star, R40A,
  R40C, R40D, R40H, R40K, R50, R5D, R6, R70, S50A, U50B, U55, U60A
 FIREFLY Models Added:
  Intense Power, Vision 4, Vision 5X
 FLY Models Added:
  FS409, FS456, FS457, FS459, FS516, FS517, FS521, FS524, FS528, FS529
 HISENSE Models Added:
  T963, U601S, U962
 HYUNDAI Models Added:
INFOCUS Models Added:
IF9035, M500
INJOO Models Added:
Halo 3G, Halo2 3G, Halo Plus, Halo X, i3, i4
INTEX Models Added:
Aqua A4, Aqua S2, Cloud C1, Cloud S3, Cloud Style 4G, Aqua Lions 2,
Aqua Lions E1, Aqua Lions E3, Aqua Lions T1, Aqua Lions T1 Lite
ITEL Models Added:
A11, A12, A13, A13 Plus, A20, A21, A40, A41, A41 Plus, A42 Plus, A51, IT1407,
IT1408, IT1409, IT1508, IT1508 Plus, IT1516 Plus, IT1556 Plus, IT1701, IT1702,
P11, P12, P41, Prime 4
LAVA Models Added:
A77, A77T, A97+, Iris Fuel F2
LEAGOO Models Added:
&Alfa 4, Alfa 5, Z3C, Z5C, Z6 Mini, Z7
PRESTIGIO Models Added:
PSP3423, PSP3468, PSP3471, PSP3510, PSP3511
RIVO Models Added:
PZ35, RX290
SWIPE Models Added:
Ace Strike, Elite 1, Elite 2 Plus, Elite 3, Elite 4G, Elite Grace, Elite Prime,
Elite Star, Neo Power, Konnect Grand, Konnect Neo 4G, Konnect Power
SYMPHONY Models added:
H120, i21, V100, V130, V42, V49, V50, V52, V65, V75
TEXET Models Added:
TM5070, TM5570
VERTEX Models Added:
EF, EO, Impress Fit, Impress Fun, Impress Hero, Impress Lightning,
Impress Saturn
VERYKOOL Models Added:
S5007, S5019, S5021, S5027

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