UFI BOX V1.4.0.1464 New Update

UFI 4th Anniversary Update , Software version
!!! WARNING: Do not rename "BRAND" and "MODEL" list to be different as at support site, certain features might not working properly !!!

General changes:
 Introducing UFIBox firmware version 1.13
 Latest firmware for supported models (Nokia, Meizu, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and others) was uploaded to support servers
 Remapped [USB] Device Manager toolbox menu
 Revised upgrade firmware routine for boxed with new hardware version

eMMC ToolBox changes:
 ADD: Improved reading system information for Android with Project Treble and Android A/B system
 BUGFIX: Handing extracted OFP files
              WARNING: Extracted OFP firmwares is still encrypted and can only be used from within the UFI Software(including eMMC ToolBox)
              Always use self extracted firmware image from OFP file, never use firmware extracts downloaded from internet that are known to have been extracted using UFI software
              Using this fimware with other tools may result in bricked devices !!!
 BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
 ADD: Introducing UFI CREDIT for flash authentication, unlock bootloader and repair signed imei for new security phones
         Currently implemented:
           Nokia (by HMD Global) supports for flashing(QC, MTK), repair imei, unlock bootloader
           Meizu supports for flashing(QC, MTK, EXYNOS), unlock bootloader(EXYNOS)
           Xiaomi supports for flashing(QC, MTK), unlock bootloader for some devices
           Oppo supports for flashing(QC) and repair imei(QC, MTK)
 ADD: Full support for Nokia phones (by HMD Global)
         - Support for phones with old security and new security version: 4 and security version: 8
         - Normal flashing via Fastboot mode (both for old and newer phones, requires authentication)
         - Unlock Bootloader via "FASTBOOT->Special Task" (requires credits)
         - Repair IMEI via "SERVICE->IMEI & PROD ID", need to run in FTM MODE before IMEI tasks(requires authentication)
 ADD: Support for Meizu with Exynos platform
         - Normal flashing via Fastboot mode(requires authentication)
         - Unlock Bootloader via "FASTBOOT->Special Task" (requires credits)
 ADD: Support for Latest Oppo phones(Qualcomm platform)
         - Normal flashing via Qualcomm EDL mode (requires authentication)
 ADD: Full support for Latest Xiaomi phones(Qualcomm and MediaTek platform)
         - Normal flashing via Qualcomm EDL mode and MTK BootRom mode(requires authentication)
         - Unlock Bootloader for some phones via "FASTBOOT->Special Task"
 ADD: IMEI repair support for Newer Oppo phones
         - IMEI repair for Oppo requires to have a pair of PCBA Number and Both IMEI number(requires credits)
 ADD: Erase FRP and Erase Userdata option while flashing
         For effective flashing task, you can now automated Erase FRP and/or Userdata on flashing
 ADD: On MediaTek devices, After Identify phones will stay in DA mode so next time you need to do -
         some tasks(Write, Erase, Special Task, etc) the software will resume the DA session and continue the task
         Note that: DA session will lost if USB disconnected, changing BROM version or you close the UFI software
 ADD: Erase FRP and Userdata support with Newer Vivo phones with new security
 ADD: Merged IMEI and Product ID functions to "SERVICE->IMEI & PROD ID" tab
         [Oppo] Secrecy Unlock used to Decrypt Factory Engineering Mode, after unlock you can Unlock Region Lock, Enable DIAG or META mode
         [META] Master Clear used to Erase Internal Storage (may work for some old models)
         All Remote Services will be available here(some services can be free or requires credits)
         Currently available:
         Xiaomi Unbind Mi Account(CLEAN Device Only) by SN
         Oppo Calculate AuthTokenDecrypt Code, Similliar to Secrecy Unlock but it done remotely without access to the phone physically
 ADD: Added Latest MediaTek BROM version 7.1917.3.0 for latest MediaTek chipset with new PL signature type
 BUGFIX: Improved rawprogram.xml parsing to handle misconfigured items for unsplited/sparsed images(vivo)
 BUGFIX: Improved ADB Logcat features
 BUGFIX: Improved Debug Uart Terminal features (Note that Debug Uart for MediaTek platform requires 921600 baudrate)
 BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

  All features which requires authentication will require credit
  Some remote services are free but are required to have atleast 1 credits in your account
  See "[ACCOUNT]" menu to see latest available services, status and the service cost
  The credits top up system can be accessed directly there
  Payment can be made with Paypal(for International) and GO-PAY(For Indonesia)
  Credits can also be purchased from available resellers

Purchase credits from available resellers here
Watch the video Flashing Xiaomi Redmi 6A (With Bootloader Authorization Service) using UFI Android ToolBox ,Watch the video Repair Oppo F5 Signed Imei flashing using UFI Android ToolBox

Akun Kredit UFI :
Klik Status Kredit / Server untuk informasi akun detail Anda:
Akun Email, klik ikon "Pensil" untuk mengubah alamat email valid Anda untuk digunakan nanti dengan Akun Kredit UFI
Saldo Kredit, informasikan jumlah kredit yang Anda miliki
Log penggunaan kredit, berisi riwayat penggunaan kredit Anda
KREDIT TOP UP, untuk membeli kredit melalui halaman browser, itu akan mendukung pembayaran melalui paypal atm, metode pembayaran lainnya akan ditambahkan kemudian.
Detail Layanan dan Deskripsi:
FL = Identifikasi dan Flashing
IMEI = Perbaikan IMEI
UBL = Buka Bootloader
SIML = SIM Unlonk
Biaya, jumlah kredit untuk setiap layanan
0 = berarti tidak ada persyaratan kredit untuk layanan ini.
Tetapi, Anda memiliki setidaknya 1 kredit dalam akun meskipun layanan ini gratis.

Perangkat lunak rilis jendela akan seperti ini . Fitur Sorotan dari Pembaruan ini adalah: Auth dan Remote Service akan mendukung untuk: Nokia = Flashing, Unlock Bootloader, Repair Imei, Unlock Sim Meizu = Flashing, Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi = Flashing, Unlock Bootloader , Batalkan Akun Mi

The Highlight features of this Update :
Auth and Remote Service will support for :
Nokia = Flashing, Unlock Bootloader, Repair Imei, Unlock Sim
Meizu = Flashing, Unlock Bootloader
Xiaomi = Flashing, Unlock Bootloader, Unbind Mi Account
Oppo = Repair Encrypted and Sign IMEI
Vivo = erase user data and frp in EDL mode(Qualcomm)
Vivo = erase user data via master reset metamode(Mediatek)

UFI Additional Packages
UFI v1.4.0.1464 setup.zip : Mega I Gdrive 1 I Gdrive 2 I Mediafire I AndroidFileHost

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UFI 4th Anniversary Update v1.4.0.1464
UFI BOX Update V1.4.0.1464 Latest Version

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