SFT v2.0.00 Latest Update

SFT Version 2.0.00 DATE: 16th July 2019 NEWS & UPDATES :
ADD: Mi Auth Free 1 Month
ADD: Mi Auth Server for Xiaomi ( Mediatek New Secure ) - Identify, Read, Write, Erase - First in The World [ support type cactus, cereus and other ]
ADD: Unlock pattern lock without Lost Data - Xiaomi ( Mediatek New Secure ) - First in The World [ support type cactus, cereus and other ]
ADD: One Click Remove FRP, MiCloud, Factory Reset - Xiaomi ( Mediatek New Secure ) [ support type cactus, cereus and other ]
ADD: UBL Instant Xiaomi via Fastboot - support version MIUI 9 -10 ( Except Android Pie )
ADD: DA and Pl loader Vivo new type Y81, Y83 pro, and Y85 ( support for flashing )
ADD: Random Authorized Account from Server ( Limit Lost Time )
BUG: Qualcomm UFS Auth Server
BUG: Repair Write UserData Big Size Failed for Qualcomm
BUG: Repair INTEL Debrick
BUG: Repair IMEI Mediatek with AP and DB File

Download SFT Version 2.0.00 Latest Update : AFH I Mega I Gdrive I Mediafire

Source : sft-dongle.com (official website)
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