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    UFST and UFS Turbo Only V. a13 Patch

    ANDROID UFST v a13 Patch released

    For UFST and UFS Turbo Only.
    v a13 Patch
    Extract/OverWrite on v1.0.5.7 Release Top.

    More than 4900 Predefined Models of Popular Major Brands is now on [Var] Tab.
    Before Use of [MTK], [QC], [SPRD] Tabs, Always Check [Var] Tab for predefined
    Models. In this way will be used Correct Loaders and settings for Secure Boot.
    Note: Use of wrong Loaders can cause BLINK, BRICK or IMEI loose Issues!

    Revised [ADB] Operations: More Info, Fixed Minor Bugs.
    Revised MTK Protocol: Fixed Bugs on some Models Boot, More Secured DA Added.
    Revised QC Flashing: Now can select all necessary RawprogramN.xml using
    [Add File] button, so not need to Flash few times new MultiDisk Models.
    With [Add File] button can also select Firehose from Flash Pack (if need)

    This Option will not pop-up Selection Form or Ask about Patch permission if
    [Selective Flash] not ticked. Patch will done auto if PatchX.xml is found.
    Files Selected with [Xml] button always will pop-up File Selection Form.
    Added Oppo .OFP Files [Extract Img.] for QC Models, Use [Conver GPT] to make
    Correct Rawprogram and Patch Files. With gpt_main2 choose Right CDT file from
    Avalaible (Example: oppo16027.bin, Auto will be Select First from List)
    Added LZ4 Compressed Files support (need lz4_183.dll)
    Added Search Function (Use Right Mouse Button or Ctrl+F on Focused Tab)
    Search is not Case Sensitive and Looking for 1st Occurence in Models List.
    [Find Next] Looking for Next Occurence until last and then from 1st.
    For Search use up to 3 Words separated by Space or other delimiter (, * -)

    Added / Modified Models:
    ADVAN: B5, G2 Plus, i45
    ARCHOS: 101C Helium, 40 Power, 50 Diamond, 50 Platinum 4G, 50C Oxygen,
    50D Neon, 50F Helium Lite, 55 Diamond Plus, 55B Cobalt Lite, 59 Xenon,
    70 Helium, 70 Xenon, 70B Neon, 80 Oxygen, 97C Platinum, Access 55 3G,
    Diamond S
    ASUS: A009-V500KL (V Live), P028-Z301M (ZenPad 10 WiFi)
    AVVIO: Models Added.
    AZUMI: Models Added.
    BLACKVIEW: A20 Pro, A30, BV5800, BV5800 Pro, BV9500, BV9500 Pro, BV9600 Pro
    BLU: A030U, A230Q, A270a, D600, S0350WW, S0390WW, S0410UU, S0450WW
    BQ: BQru-5009L, Aquaris A4.5, Aquaris C, Aquaris M, Aquaris VS, Aquaris VS Plus,
    CAT: S50, S60
    CHERRY: Flare J1 Lite, Flare P3, Flare P3 Lite, Flare P3 Plus, Flare S7,
    Flare S7 Deluxe, Flare S7 Lite, Omega Lite 4
    CLOUDFONE: Thrill Boost 2, Thrill Plus, Thrill Power N, Thrill View
    COMIO: C1 Pro, FX596, FX598, X1, X1 Note
    CONDOR: Models Added.
    COOLPAD: 1851, 1861 Note 8, C588S, N3C
    DEXP: AS160, AS260, B155, B160, B350, B450, BL250, BS450, P170, P180, T155, Z250
    DOOGEE: BL5500 Lite, BL9000, S55, S70, T5S, X55
    ECHO: Feeling, Flow, Holi, Horizon, Java, Moss, Prism, Push, Smart4G, Star,
    Stellar4G, Wiz
    ELEPHONE: A4 Pro, P8 3D
    EVERCOSS: U50A, U50A Plus, U50C
    FERO: A4501, A4502, Pace 2
    HAIER: A41, A6, Aire 3G, E13, G32, P10, P11, T51, T53P
    HISENSE: E7, F10, F18, L695, M20T, M30T, U965 4G, U989
    iDROID: Royal V7
    INFINIX: X5514 Smart 2 Pro, X5515 Smart 2, X606/X606B Hot 6, X608 Hot 6 Pro
    INFOCUS: IF9007, IF9021, M330, M350
    IRBIS: SP401, SP453, SP511, SP517, SP521, SP552, SP571
    ITEL: A15, A22, A22 Pro, A31 Plus, A45, A62, IT1460, P31, P32, S32 LTE
    IVOOMI: I1, I1s, I2, I2 Lite, Innelo1, Me1, Me2, Me3, Me3s, Me4, Me5, Z1
    KARBON: K9 Music 4G, K9 Viraat 4G
    LAVA: Iris 88 Go, Iris 88 Lite, R3, Z60G, Z60S, Z60T, Z61, Z61 2GB, Z91W
    LEAGOO: Lead 1, 2, 2S, 3, 4, 5, 6, M9 Pro, M11, Power 2, S9, T8s, Z5 LTE-37
    LENOVO: A5, A5s, K5 Note, K5 Play, K52a48, K5s, K9, K520 (S5), Z5
    LYF: F220B, F300B
    MEIZU: 15-M1881, 15 Lite-M1871, M8C-M1810
    MICROMAX: Q4151, Q4204, V407, V409, YU5014 Ace
    MOBICEL: Berry, Dandy, Fever, Pure+, Pure Mini, R1, R2, Switch, Zen
    MOBIISTAR: C1, E Selfie, Prime X, Zumbo J2, Zumbo S, Zumbo S Lite, Zumbo S2
    MOTOROLA: XT1921-X, XT1922-X, XT1924-X, XT1925-X, XT1926-X, XT1929-X, XT-1943-1,
    XT1944-X Sahara Added for: Aljeter, Montana, Nora, Perry, RHannah, RJames,
    Robusta, Sanders
    MYPHONE: Models Added.
    NOKIA: 2.1, 3.1, 3.1 Plus, 6.1, 6.1 Plus, 7.1, 8 Sirocco, X5, X6, X7
    ONEPLUS: 6
    OPPO: A1, A1t, A3, A7x, A31, A57, A59st, A59t, A71, A73t, A79, A79k, A79kt,
    A79t, A83, A83t, A85, A85t, F3, F5, F7, F9, R9
    OUKITEL: C9, K7, OK6000 Plus, U18
    PANASONIC: Eluga i7
    PHILIPS: E266W, Q858, S307, S310X, S329, S359, S369
    PRESTIGIO: PMT5771, PMT5791, PMT7781, PSP5521, PSP5522, PSP5523, PSP5553
    QIKU: N4
    QMOBILE: Noir X1S
    SHARP: Aquos M1, Aquos S2 High, Aquos S3, Aquos S3 High, Aquos S3 Mini, Z3
    SYMPHONY: i75, i95, V44, V70, V78, V85, V92, V135
    TECNO: DP10A, F4, F4 Pro, IA5, ID3K, ID5A, ID5B, ID6, IN1, In1 Pro, C9 Pro,
    C9S, F2, F2LTE, F5, KA7O, N6, R6S, R8O, R8S, RA6, RA6S, S6S, SA1, SA6S,
    W3Pro, WX3LTE, WX4Pro
    ULEFONE: Armor5, Power5S, S1, X
    UMIDIGI: A3, C1, One, One Pro, X3, Z2 Pro, Z2 SE, Zero
    VERNEE: T3 Pro, V2 Pro
    VERTEX: Impress Eagle 4G, Calypso, Pear
    VIVO: 1606, 1805 NexS, 1806 NexA, V9 6GB, V11 Pro, X6+, X6A, X6D, Y75S, Y89, Z1
    WIKO: C200, C201 (Tommy 3), C300 (View Lite), K300 (Jerry 3), K400 (Lenny 5),
    K600 (Tommy 3), P130 (View Go), P200 (View Max), V3921 (Robby 2)
    XBO: Models Added.
    XIAOMI: Mi 6X Wayne, Mi 8 Lite Platina, Mi A2 Jasmine, Mi A2 Lite Daisy,
    Mi Max3 Nitrogen, Mi Mix3 Perseus, Mi Pad4 Clover, Redmi Note5 Pro Whyred,
    Redmi Note6 Pro Tulip
    XOLO: Era 1X Pro, Era 2X
    ZOPO: Color E1, Flash X1, Flash X1i, Flash X2, Flash X2i, Flash X3
    ZTE: BV0730, N9560

    ANDROID_UFS_1057_Patch_a13 ( Mega )
    ANDROID_UFS_1057_Patch_a13 ( Gdrive )
    ANDROID_UFS_1057_Patch_a13 ( Up4net )
    ANDROID_UFS_1057_Patch_a13 ( Mshare )
    ANDROID_UFS_1057_Patch_a13 ( 4shared )
    ANDROID_UFS_1057_Patch_a13 ( Mirrored )

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    #extra tag :
    ufs panel
    ufs driver
    ufst a9
    ufst panel 2018
    UFST V1.0.5.7
    UFST HWK Setup
    UFS PANEL 2709
    ufs panel latest version
    UFST New Update 2018
    UFST Update Terbaru 2018
    UFST Control Panel
    UFS Turbo HWK Control Panel

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