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    MRT KEY V2.59

    MRT KEY V2.59 New Update-World First VIVO Z1 Z1I/XIAOMI S2/OPPO Supported (2018/9/14)

    MRT Version 2.59 WORLD FIRST UPDATE !!!

    New Update add MTK 6771 new flash IC
    ex;with this you can Format\Flash\Read Flash...with OPPO F9 Plus<128GB> Mobile Phone

    New Update MTK Tools Format Support VIVO X21i Erase VIVO Account and lost mode

    New Update VIVO QC Add Vivo Z1 and Z1i Support

    Xiaomi<mi_Tool> add S2 erase account(this is a beta update)
    Xiaomi<mi_tool> add S2 erase FRP

    more news coming...
    source : mrt team

    MRT KEY V2.60
    MRTKey FTP Server
    MRTKEY Update V.2.59 ( Up4net )
    MRTKEY Update V.2.59 ( Mshare )
    MRTKEY Update V.2.59 ( Mirrored )
    MRTKEY Update V.2.59 ( Gdrive #1 )
    MRTKEY Update V.2.59 ( Gdrive #2 )
    MRTKEY Update V.2.59 ( Gdrive #3 )

    Older Version :
    MRT Ver 2.39
    MRT KEY V2.52
    MRT KEY V2.55
    MRT KEY V2.56
    MRT KEY V2.58

    #extra tag :
    mrt 2.59
    MRT Setup Update

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