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    Sysco Box - eMMC Tool

    Interface tools for Service/Repair/Modify eMMC/ISP.
    Read/Write/Erase eMMC Partition:
    - Boot1-2,
    - User Data,
    - GP1-4,

    Repair, resize eMMC and another fungtions.
    Change configuration eMMC partition from Ext_CSD area.
    Format eMMC.
    Change CID.
    Factory erase/reset.
    Update firmware eMMC in Samsung.
    Support eMMC for china phone brand ex. SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kingston, micron, and others.

    #Read/Write full data, erase and zero fill.
    #Read Ext_CSD for build detail info eMMC.
    #Modify partition include GP1-4 and change config.
    #Support update firmware via test point.

    Sysco eMMC_Ver

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